An innovative work from home solution

  • Work in silence & privacy
  • Maintain a healthy work & life balance
  • Unfold or relocate in seconds

An innovative work from home solution

  • Work in silence & privacy
  • Maintain a healthy work & life balance
  • Unfold or relocate in seconds

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Why you’ll love your new PORTOFFICE


Work from anywhere. Literally

All you need is at least 2,5 square meter of space, you’re set. Work from your bedroom, kitchen, garden, or even a rooftop! 


Focus in a quiet and private space

Got a noisy house? Well, not anymore – the acoustic material of your mobile office absorbs all the sounds inside and out. Focus with ease.


Keep your calls professional

Soundproofing is a huge benefit, but it goes hand in hand with a neutral, work-appropriate background. After all, would you invite everyone in your company to your house?


Maintain a healthy posture

Working from your couch may seem enticing at first, but let’s face it – nobody’s back appreciates that. Keep a healthy posture with a comfortable desk – and no slouching!


Separate work from home

Sure, the commute is awesome when you work from home, but it can be tough on your mental health. With a separate office space, it’s easier to maintain a healthy balance between productivity and rest.


Customize your environment

It’s your private office, after all! Pick the colour for the panels (we offer 5 different ones for purchase option), put your monitor up on the wall, or simply decorate it the way you like.


Reclaim your family space

If somebody wants to enjoy the latest Netflix show while you work in the same room – they can, and you can still work in peace. With a portable office in the mix, all family members can use the house the way it suits them.


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The Dreamer

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The Visionary

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The Doer

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Ever had a super awkward Zoom call where you saw your colleague’s husband walk into the living room just out the shower, minus the towel? Maybe it’s just us, then. 

Working from home made us realize that there’s a growing need for private, quiet, and professional spaces – with no questionable unexpected guests during video calls.

Solid Supply team have been creating unique public spaces for more than 15 years – and now, we’re stepping into your home (well, not literally).

Portoffice is all about maximising your potential with a simple concept: a private, mobile office that suits your personal needs.

We want you to reclaim the freedom to work from home, free from distractions, interruptions, and with a healthy work-and-life balance.


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