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€69.00 monthly

Not sure if you want to commit to work from home or to having your own portable office? Try it out and see how big of a difference it makes for you.

Rent a full set

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POTRTOFFICE set includes:

  • Three sound-insulating walls
  • A folding black table
  • 5 colours for customization: black, grey, orange, blue, and green
  • No chair included, but we are working on it 🙂

Its specs:

  • Panels weigh 6kg and measure at 40mm thick, 720mm wide, and 1700mm tall
  • Table weighs 11kg and measures at 90x700mm (folded) 540x700mm (unfolded) and is 730mm tall

Simply put, you get a dedicated, quiet, and separate workspace no matter what your current setup is. Maybe it’s what you need to fall in love with working from home?

Delivery and packaging:

  • You will get it in 5 business days
  • Safe packaging – we make sure to pack your office well enough for it to withstand even the harshest of deliveries.

Love for the environment:

While we do pack the portable offices securely, most of the materials we use are biodegradable and recyclable.

It’s good for you, and easy on Earth, too.